Franklin Miller

The American company Franklin Miller manufactures high-quality and efficient crushers, shredders, grinders, delumpers and other wastewater treatment equipment.

Crushers, shredders and delumpers

The Franklin Miller crusher sets the standard for efficient solids chopping, reliability and ease of maintenance. The TASKMASTER reduces wood, rags, paper, sewage, sludge, tampons, cardboard, plastic, fabrics and waste items into fine particles, facilitating further processing or disposal. The TASKMASTER TM8500, with its powerful capabilities and Cutter Cartridge® technology, provides a significant improvement over competing units.

The TASKMASTER protects downstream process equipment and keeps systems running smoothly. These versatile units are used for sewage treatment, sludge, pumping stations, sanitary or disposal facilities, institutional waste and bulk solids reduction applications. The TASKMASTER, installed inline, significantly reduces pump downtime, ragging from stringy solids, sanitary wipes and
premature filter press media failure.

DELUMPER® Lump Breakers and Crushers break solids, lumps and agglomerates down to desired size with a once-through, non-churning, crushing action that produces minimal fines. They reduce plant downtime, increase processing speed and improve product consistency. These units are precision manufactured and aligned for smooth operation with low vibration or noise.

Franklin Miller offers a wide variety of crushers and lump breakers with processors to meet almost any application. Our powerful units are designed to handle capacities from 50 lbs an hour to 1000 tons per hour. DELUMPER Crushers can also be customized to meet the exacting requirements of a customer’s applications including easy maintenance, custom sizes, and special materials.

Brochure – TASKMASTER TM6500
Brochure – TASKMASTER TM8500

Brochure – Delumper LP

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FL- EX controller controls, protects and monitors the operation of the crusher. The FL-EX is self-learning, so it can be commissioned quickly, regardless of engine power and load. The device monitors the operation of the crusher motor and in load situations periodically runs and resolves the fault condition. If the fault or blockage cannot be detected automatically, the device will give an alarm automatically and stop in protection mode. The user also has the option to control the device in manual mode.

The FL-EX Controller can be connected to the rest of the plant’s automation system, allowing all its functions to be monitored and changed from the control room. The connection protocol is ModBus RTV.