Odorizing system

The German LEWA GmbH is known for its quality products. The odorizing unit is part of the company’s wide product range.

The LEWA odorizing unit is intended for biogas as well as liquefied natural gas.

For more than 40 years, customers from all over the world have placed their trust in LEWA systems
for odorizing gas. Our portfolio ranges from systems for micro flow metering, such as biogas plants, to
gas pressure regulating stations. This process always entails quantity-based odorization regulated by the gas flow.

The systems are used for odorizing various gases such as LPG and CNG, as well as for
feeding liquefied natural gas into a distribution network. They are also used to odorize oxygen and industrial gases.

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lewa hajusteyksikkö

Metering pumps

LEWA ecodos® mechanical diaphragm metering pump.

Technology: Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump with monitored 4-layer sandwich diaphragm for low pressure

LEWA ecodos is an absolutely reliable, economical and highly adaptable metering pump, especially where diaphragm actuation is not wanted. Here, we also rely on our tried-and-tested modular system in designing the perfect pump for you.

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LEWA ecodos multiplex

LEWA ecoflow® diaphragm metering pump

Technology: Hydraulic actuated diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecoflow is the innovative and universal metering pump with DPS diaphragm protection system in a tried-and-tested modular system. Suitable for numerous applications, the ecoflow is our real all-around talent, relied on by customers from all industries.

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LEWA ecosmart® diaphragm metering pump

Technology: Hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecosmart is an innovative, compact and multiplexing diaphragm metering pump at a smart price. With it, we of course guarantee our renowned LEWA quality and offer you our expertise derived from 70 years in the market.

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We use only tried and tested control and regulating systems for smooth operation. LEWA controllers are compatible with all
proven fl ow meters and can also be provided in explosion-proof housing.

The flexibility of our systems makes it possible to provide reliable, precise and cost-saving dosing of all common odorants such as THT, mercaptan, sulfur-free odorants or any kind of mixtures.

LEWA odorizing systems can be used for a wide variety of gases, such as natural gas, LPG, CNG, biogas, and technical gases.

Custom-made solutions
We work with you to find the right solution for every requirement. We manufacture customer-specific systems, with standard
modules or even with special components. All components are perfectly optimized and synchronized with one another.